Chiropractic Testimonials

“I found the care extremely beneficial and I found pain relief almost immediately.”

- Dave V.

“Seeing Dr. Rod was the way to go for me. Feeling how I do now is proof that chiropractic was the way to go. I’m doing my daily activities again like I was never injured.”

- Alex D.

“I am truly grateful for the help and education I have received during my visits with Dr. Rod. Thank you!”

- Michelle H.

“Chiropractic care with Dr. Rod is a life-saver. It helps you in ways you would not think. I have had severe migraines in the past and I have not had one headache since I started care. I feel strong and great!”

- Jim B.

“I have had chiropractic care with Dr. Rod over the last few years. He zeroed in on the cause of my pain. In one month I was in fine shape!”

- Helen V.

“After several visits, I noticed my shoulders no longer hurt and I hadn’t even contemplated that happening. They had been hurting all the time for several years.”

- Lenore H.

“I find it incredibly helpful with my particular symptoms. It increases my flexibility and decreases soreness and stiffness consistently after each visit.”

- Cheri C.

“I had significant relief after just two visits!”

- Diane C.

“It has noticeably relieved my pain, and is correcting my posture for the better.”

- Philip A.

"Dr. Rod is great! Riverview Spine has flexible scheduling and payment options. I would recommend this chiropractor to my family and friends for sure. I know business has slowed down for everyone during the stay-at-home order... Riverview Spine is open! I have had to adjust to a new work schedule myself, my new routine has affected my posture and I have had more headaches. My adjustments always help!!!"

- Niki C.

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