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What to expect

We always strive to provide the highest quality care.  Upon entering our office, you’ll be greeting by our smiling staff, and given some initial paperwork to fill out.  The paperwork can be downloaded from our website for your convenience and you can fill it out before your appointment if you like.


After the paperwork, you’ll meet with Dr. Opferkew to discuss your condition.  He’ll carefully listen to your concerns you may have and ask additional questions as necessary.


Following the consultation, Dr. Opferkew will perform a complete examination of your spine.  This exam is easy and painless!  He’ll perform tests such as range of motion, orthopedic and neurologic tests as well as recommend any necessary X-rays that may be needed to treat your condition.

After a thorough exam, Dr. Opferkew will carefully review your findings and make his recommendations on the next visit.  He takes his patients conditions very seriously and sets aside time to review each case before any treatment starts.