Computers, Cell Phones and Texting…A New Cause of Disease

Computers and cell phones play a significant role in modern society. A 2015 survey revealed that 53% of people listed their cell phone as the most important item they would save from their home during a house fire. Most people use their cell phone as much as an appendage of the body and describe the feeling of being naked when away from this device. Reliance and attachment to cell phones progressively gave way to new forms of disease and health deterioration.

A study published in 2014 explained that the average person spends two to four hours a day with their head tilted forward, reading and texting on a smart phone. That time adds up to between 700-1400 hours of excess abnormal cervical spine stress per year. High school students spend upwards of 5000 extra hour each year in the same unhealthy position. Research also explained how much abnormal stress lands on the cervical spine when using cell phones or computers. An extra 27 pounds of pressure compresses the bones, muscles, joints, and discs of the neck when the head tilts forward at a 15 degree angle. The amount of stress on the spine continues to amplify with each additional 15 degrees of forward tilt. An extra sixty pounds of pressure on the neck occurs with 60 degrees of forward head flexion. Consistent flexion of the head combined with forward pressure on spinal tissues creates wear and tear on the joints and discs that lead to abnormal spinal posture and increased degeneration. Poor posture due to computer and cell phone use also directly links to abnormal hormone release and balance.

Significant health and function problems stem directly from abnormal posture over time. Poor posture represents more than just a cosmetic problem; it creates poor health from the inside-out. The aforementioned study proved that abnormal posture leads to lowered testosterone, lowered serotonin, increased cortisol and reduced feelings of power. Good posture is associated with the opposite physiology, including a better balance of the nervous system and hormones. Chiropractors improve posture with every adjustment administered to the neck and spine. The brain and central nervous system dictate the health and control of posture. 

Proper alignment and movement of the spine directly influences the health of the brain and central nervous system. Chiropractors help offset the negative influence of poor posture due to cell phone and computer use by aligning the spine and nervous system. A world that becomes increasingly reliant on computers and phones also develops a proportional need for more Chiropractic care than ever before. Every family needs spine and nervous system evaluations and necessary care on a regular basis. A Chiropractor uses scientifically engineered adjustments to balance hormones, improve function, and decrease degeneration. For better posture and overall health, Chiropractic delivers.

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